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They are Better Than Food!

No, seriously this snack proclaims that it's "Better than food!" What's that you say? Can't be! Oh, but it is. Grandpa Po's Originals Slightly Unsalted mix of organic popcorn and soynuts is so delectable that I decided to share this time around. I couldn't stop chowing right down on this textural beauty! The tiny popcorn nuggets and the roasted soynuts accompanying them are just too much and when you sprinkle on just the right amount of sea salt, they are just HEAVEN. When an entire 5 oz bag equals ONLY 5% of your daily sodium intake!? I'M SOLD! Not to mention the grand fiber source and it even boasts a little of the vitamins and proteins you need in a day. OK, enough of my get eating!

Buckeye Earth Blogspot


The Perfect Snack

When you are in the mood for something a little bit salty, buttery, crunchy and healthy, this is it! The fact that it is organic, has soy beans and only the best oil just makes you that much happier as you munch away. Only a brilliant man who loved his kids enough to invent this healthy snack could've come up with

it. Enjoy this snack and feel loved! Your body (and taste buds) will thank you! Kathy N. (Lakeside, AZ)


Crunchy Munchy Good

So Crunchy Good! Healthy and the kids love them! What more do you want in a snack? (BESIDES

A 12-STEP PROGRAM TO STOP EATING THEM.) They're fantastic! Jenna L. (Manhattan Beach, CA)


A Better Choice for the Movies or Anytime!

Looking for a more nutritious snack? Ever wish that your favorite buttery popcorn was just a little better for you? The answer is here. Grandpa Po's Orginals, innovative snack made from organic soybeans, comes in Slightly Unsalted and Slightly Spicy. Our family & friends love this terrific snack. What a bonus that it is also organic and good for us! I can eat the whole bag all by myself & have! Our 4 kids & their friends love them too. We have been requested to only bring Grandpa Po's Nutra Nuts for our snack turn at Girl Scouts, Confirmation, and for the tennis team. We have been so lucky to have been able to enjoy them for years! Thank you! Betsy S. (Basking Ridge, NJ)


I'm diabetic. Thank GOODNESS for Grandpa Po!

I've tried every one of this line of products and I have to say, I'm blown away by just how satisfying they

all are. Not too much, not too little, every recipe falls within my personal taste parameters, as well as everyone I know who has tried 'em, for that matter. The ratio of carbs to protein, the low sodium, etc., makes this a VERY attractive snack to me because I'm diabetic. It's why I'm compelled to write a review. It's REALLY hard satisfying some of the cravings a diabetic gets. We LOVE our carbs, but it's SO hard finding low-carb snacks that give the same satisfaction as, say, a loaf of bread, or crunchy sweets, etc. The Grandpa Po line literally saves my a** because too often I "cheat" on stuff that drives up my blood glucose, and that is VERY bad. So, a handful of this stuff LITERALLY is a benefit to my health. Fellow diabetics, TAKE NOTE! Eric B. (Reseda, CA)


Great Snack for the Family

Indoors, outdoors, wherever you go - Grandpa Po's Originals provide families with a fun, tasty anytime treat! They're perfect for playing; they're super for school lunches...& serious snacking, too!

Betty M. (West Hollywood, CA)


AMAZING!! I am addicted to Grandpa Po's!

I LOVE this snack! I ordered one case and since have ordered about 25!! They are just salty enough to satisfy your cravings, just spicy enough to give you a little kick, and just sweet enough to stop you from grabbing that candy bar...I can't think of a better, more healthy, satisfying snack food - you have GOT

TO TRY THEM!! Trust me, you will not be disappointed!!! Rachel V. (Chicago, IL)


Grandpa Po's are Majorly Addictive

Outstanding! Delicious! What on earth are these things? Simple. They're a yummy mix of nuggets made from organic popcorn and organic dry roasted soybeans. They're so delicious your head may actually explode once you taste them. Slightly Unsalted, but majorly addictive, these crunchy snacks are good

for you. Elizabeth H. (Los Angeles, CA)



I love snacks and Grandpa Po's Originals are a great snack to satisfy a hunger craving. They are crunchy and have great flavor. It's hard to stop eating the whole bag in one sitting! Diane S. (Grand Rapids, MI)



We have always loved this snack. Each time we seem to enjoy it a little bit more. My daughter is a huge fan of it and is so glad that we can grab it and go. It's a nutritious snack that satisfies all the tastebuds. Some of us have even tried the slightly spicy brand. Having both flavors allows us to satisfy those who

like spicy and those who don't with the same snack...thus no arguments between the kids!

Natalie G. (Vernon Hills, IL)


Grandpa Po's Originals are deliciously addicting

These are a great grab and go snack that satisfy. I love pop corn but don't eat it that much because my husband hates my breath while I am eating it at the movies, so I take Grandpa Po's Originals instead and he keeps hogging the bag! I know soybeans are healthy for you and this is the only way I enjoy to eat them. I love these!!! Jean V. (Belmar, NJ)


Grandpa Po's is the Best Snack Ever!

Driving around in LA, I so often find myself stuck in traffic just when my blood sugar starts to drop. Add the stress of being late to my next appointment and I'm a basket case! Grandpa Po's is the perfect snack to take on the road. Not too salty or sweet, they satisfy that need to nosh without feeling gross. I even feel fortified! Plus they come in this nifty zip-lock bag that keeps them fresh even if I leave them in my car for

a couple of days. I never want to be caught in traffic without them! Rebecca K. (Los Angeles, CA)


My Favorite Prize for Students

Grandpa Po's Originals are my students' favorite prize for the classroom. Our school district has banned junk food for incentives for kids so Grandpa Po's is a perfect fit. The kids get a bag when they complete

all of their assignments for the month. They love the snack and they work hard to get all their work done. Their parents love the reward too and many students come back to buy more to take home to the family. Thanks, Grandpa Po for your "better than food" snack! Laurel P. (Whittier, CA)


Everyone goes for GRANDPA PO'S!

If you are looking for absolutely guilt-free snacking, keep looking.... However, if you are craving a snack: crunchy, salty, buttery satisfaction, minus the preservatives and unhealthy ingredients of normal snack foods, Grandpa Po's is the way to go! It is the closest you'll get to guilt free snacking that wasn't found in the fruit/veg aisle in the supermarket. 4 simple ingredients make this crunchy popcorn soybean snack extremely satisfying and "not-so-naughty" when compared to the million other snack foods out there, not to mention the many unpronounceable "mystery" ingredients included in them - not the things you want to put in your body. For my destination wedding, I brought a few cases of Nutra Nuts to put in my guests' welcome bags. Well, no one even mentioned all the other local gourmet treats that were in the bags -the Grandpa Po's were the hit! Everyone was walking around w/ their Grandpa Po's Originals pouch in hand: "these things are GREAT!" Clever packaging allows you to reseal and keep them fresh for the next urge to snack - although usually not necessary for this customer! Caryl V. (Brielle, NJ)


Great Snack!

I tried this snack because it looked healthy, so I didn't expect it to be too great. I was wrong -- it is very very good! I'll buy more when my supply runs low. John D. (Centreville, DE)


Love Them!

These are really good! I find Grandpa Po's Originals to be filling and delicious, and since they're technically whole grain, they are way better to have in the house than Doritos.

Michael S. R. (San Francisco, CA)


Totally Satisfying, Healthy Snack

Granda Po's are the perfect snack when you crave something crunchy and delicious. They are also very healthy so you can enjoy them guilt-free. I love all the flavors. My son begs me for them, so now he's a fan too. I even shipped them to my brother's platoon in Iraq. Everyone loved them!

Crunch-loving Mom "Amy" (New York, NY)

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