The Original Half-Popped Popcorn Snack



Grandpa Po's Originals are so deliciously different, they're difficult to describe. But the faces of those who taste them need no words.


Why do people love Grandpa Po’s Originals?

• "Snack of the Day" on Rachel Ray

• Certified Organic

• Gluten Free

• 0g Trans Fat

• GMO Free

• Cholesterol Free

• Best of all, they taste great!





Sorry to say GPOs are no longer.

One of Grandpa Po's grandchildren

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That’s right. We can't tell you how we coax our organic popcorn into reaching only a smidgen of its potential, but we can tell you this, you've never tasted anything like it. And make no mistake, these are not "old maids" found at the bottom of the bowl. These golden nuggets are the "cream of the crop," crunchy and packed with flavor. But we don’t stop there. We add dry-roasted organic soynuts, and a dash of sea salt or spice to create this unique, tasty and slightly addicting snack.


Grandpa Po's Originals come in two irresistible flavors, Slightly Unsalted and Slightly Spicy. Okay whoa, wait just a minute there...


What the heck is Slightly Unsalted?

"Slightly Unsalted" is a phrase coined by Grandpa Po, who always enjoyed a good play on words. Slightly Unsalted = Lightly Salted. Not unsalted, but almost. In other words,  "low salt." For those who still don't get it, we add a sense of humor to every bag, and though there's no guarantee, we think once you taste Grandpa Po's, you'll understand.

Get out of town! This is popcorn?

Grandpa Po's Original

Normal Popcorn

We package our Grandpa Po's in "Slightly Unnecessary" resealable stand-up pouches. Slightly unnecessary because once opened, you'll pretty much finish off the bag.

Grandpa Po's Originals packages