The Original Half-Popped

Popcorn Snack

The Origins of our Originals


It all started with Grandpa Po (Noel Porro) back in 1963 in Ridgewood, New Jersey.


Wanting to create a healthy alternative to junk food for his six children, he started experimenting with popcorn. After several attempts, he discovered a way to coax popcorn into reaching only a smidgen of its potential. The results were crunchy golden nuggets packed with flavor. He added soynuts for extra protein, years before they were popular, sprinkled the mix with sea salt ("Slightly Unsalted" a phrase coined by Grandpa Po) and proclaimed his new snack “Better Than Food!”


Those who were lucky enough to try never tasted anything like it. Grandpa Po’s Originals quickly became a family tradition. After Grandpa Po relocated to Heaven in 1997, his kids decided to honor him by sharing his wonderful snack with the world.


Today, we kids make Grandpa Po’s Originals pretty much the same way, in small batches in our factory, only slightly larger than Grandpa Po’s original kitchen. We use only the finest organic popcorn and organic soynuts. Grandpa Po's are free of preservatives, additives or anything artificial. We think you, too, will proclaim them “Better Than Food!” Enjoy!