The Original Half-Popped Popcorn Snack



Grandpa Po's Originals are so deliciously different, they're difficult to describe. But the faces of those who taste them need no words.


Why are they smiling?

Grandpa Po’s are certified organic

0g Trans Fat

Gluten free

GMO free

Cholesterol free

Sugar free

And best of all, they taste great!

Sorry to say GPOs are no longer.

© 2013 Grandpa Po's Originals



We believe in People, Planet and Profit


Grandpa Po lived by a simple motto "Think of Others." We at Grandpa Po's Originals, live work and play by that same motto.


Grandpa Po's Originals Green logoWe keep others in mind in how we conduct business, when sharing the joy of a job well done, and by never forgetting our sense of humor. If we can brighten someone else's day, we brighten our own.


We keep others in mind by caring for our planet. Producing an organic snack, though healthy for consumers and our environment, is not enough. We also do what we can to reduce our energy consumption. Our factory has solar-powered roof fans, several skylights and large glass-block windows, eliminating the need for electric lights, unless absolutely necessary. We traded in our big SUV for a Prius. It may mean more delivery trips, but the environmental impact is a fraction of what it was. We recycle as much as possible. The Grandpa Po’s that don’t meet our strict standards feed farm animals. We’re currently looking at more sustainable packaging. We’ll keep you posted.


We keep others in mind when considering profit. Though our raw ingredients costs have more than doubled over the years, we've kept the price of Grandpa Po's Originals down. Good for you, not so good for us. But we feel it’s more important to share a great snack with great people. Grandpa Po would agree. We hope you do, too.

Celle San Vito, Italy

Celle San Vito, Italy. The birthplace of Grandpa Po's father, who passed on his love of popcorn to his son.